On 3rd JULY, 2021 AT 10.00 AM IST


The tournament inauguration is at 09 AM IST, every player must attend through Zoom Link Please Click the button Below

Click Here

* The tournament will start at 10 AM IST.
Sub Junior Boys Tournament(1st Class — 5th Class)
Sub Junior Girls Tournament(1st Class — 5th Class
Junior Boys Tournament(6th Class — 8th Class)
Junior Girls Tournament(6th Class — 8th Class)
Senior Boys Tournament(9th Class— 12th Class)
Senior Girls Tournament(9th Class— 12th Class)

Rules& Regulations

Only School Children are allowed to take part in this event.
The tournament will be held in the swiss league format.
Time Control: 10 minute + 5 seconds for each player.
Last Date of entry: 30-til June 2021.
Tournament website –
Players who have LICHESS Id / USERNAME can only participate in this tournament.
Playersshould play all the rounds whether they win or lose. Using the ChessAssistance/ChessEngines is prohibited and we will check all the games.
All the games will be monitored by LICHESS Anti-Cheating Engines, Lithess Moderatorsand Organizersduring the tournament.
If the player is found guilty,they will be blocked automaticallyby Lichess.
Please don’t chat in Lichess chatboxand keep mute all the time. If anyone texts anythingin Chatboxtheir ID will be blocked for the tournament automaticailywithout any notice.
During the games don’t leave the Lichess App/Website,and don’t open any window. After each round completion, please click on “backto tournament” button only.
If you miss the tournament page,then click on the tournamentlink again to join back.
YourLiChess Username should be Active without a red mark from Lichess to Get the Prize.
Results and Final standings will be announced on 5th July at 10.00a.m. IST.
The Merit Certificatesand Prizes will be given to the top 3 Boys & Girls in each category

Join TheTournament

To join the tournament you should follow the below procedure
Every player must fill the Tournament Registration form.
If you don’t have LICHESS ID/USERNAME, open the tournament website:www.lichess.og and do Signup/Register 
Completethe Signup or Registerprocedure byclicking the activation link from your mail.
Then Click this Link and Join the Pallayi Model School Team:
Then click on the join button tojoin as a member in the tournament, afterthat it will give a Mate in One Puzzle to solve (Click on the board to makeyour move, and prove you are human, This is a chess CAPTCHA)
After solving the chess Puzzle click on on “JOINTEAM” Button,then your join requestwill be reviewed by a team leader.
We will approve your entry soon after the verification of your form, within 12 hours.
After approval, please select your tournament. And click on Join buttonto join the tournament:

Team Tournament:

* To Participate in Team (4Players) Tournament, the school should send their Team Entry details with their Official Email ID to our E-Mail: Contact Number: +91 9246141111, WhatsApp: +1 234 255 9799

Tournament Links

Sub Junior Boys (I to V Class): https://lichess.orgiteamipms-sub-juniors-boys-i-v-tournament
Sub Junior Girls (I to V Class):
Junior Boys (VI – VIII Class):
Junior Girls (VI – VIII Class): https://lichess.orgiteamipms-juniors-girls-vi-viii-tournament
Senior Boys (IX – XII Class):
Senior Girls (IX – XII Class):
That’s it, now you have joined the tournament!
Please check your name on the member’s list and tournament listseparately.

Registration Form

Please fill the Registration form for the tournament entry approval

Click this link to fill the registration form:

Individual Tournament Registration Form
For Emergency:
WhatsApp:+91 92461 41111